#195: The Disappearance of Episode One Ninety-Four

Pod Description:

Fat news, Hitler news, Sunday Jeff auditions for Q’s seat.


Bryan Johnson

Walt Flanagan

Sunday Jeff

Mentioned Person:


“Hey Fatty take a picture with me” – Bry as a nun asking him for a photo


Game Played:

Reoccurring Segment:

Fat News,

You Hitlearn Something New Everyday:  There is a store in India with the name of Hitler, 1 in 10 British people believe Hitler was a fictional character.


Memorable Moments:

With two television shows, a national tour and two podcasts Q is absent from this weeks pod. Walt wonders if this is the future of TESD.

Bry explains what happened with episode 194 and why it has since been taken down. Bry believes it is not indicative of TESD and doesn’t live up to his standards and would better be served as an I Sell Comics episode or a Secret Stash episode. Bry doesn’t understand why they had a security guard on stage answering questions from the crowd. Three rotund old ladies claim they would have sex with Bry if he still looked like he did in the 90s, Bry claims he wouldn’t on his WORST day.

Sunday Jeff would not kill Hitler as a baby, he wants to take him out in his prime at 18 along with Himmler.

Update on Cryptozoic Man booty time, Ming has signed every copy instead of just the ones he was supposed to so now everyone is getting a Ming signature.

Walt has a million dollar idea where Hulu can play NEXT years Walking Dead even before AMC.

Walt gets his bathroom key back miraculously the same day Comic Book Men is renewed, Walt attributes this to his good deeds helping the old ladies the previous week.


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