#198: @Bit-o-Honey

Pod Description:

Q travels 1st class to the UK, Bry’s aghast at ‘Gypsy Sisters’, Walt’s slathered in honey.


Bryan Johnson

Walt Flanagan

Brian Quinn

Mentioned Person:


“Dollah Shave is El Loco, mutha fucka!” – Sunday Jeff

“Wanna know what got Grampa’s dick hard?”  “Not Grandma!” – Bry and Walt as Grandpa Q

“I’ll suck your cock right down in the Disney showers as well!” – Bry as Declan

“I can walk through the ants dripping in honey and I won’t get bit.” – Walt

“This sucks, that sucks.  I just cashed a million dollah check, my pockets weren’t big enough to carry it home!” – Bry as Q

“I can’t get a dry dick!” -Walt as Q

Game Played:

Reoccurring Segment:

Memorable Moments:

Walt has big plans for episode 200 and needs Q’s help to land a special guest.

Q and Sal have a good time in the UK.  Q meets Declan who is an Ant celebrity taking pictures left and right.  Q hangs out with the cast of the British Impractical Jokers.  Walt wants to know who the Q is, Bry clarifies he means the brooding unintelligible dickhead.  Q and Sal go see two West End shows and hang out with Iain Kevin Morris and Jay Buckley.

Walt wonders if the new Star Wars movies weren’t coming out would it eventually fade away like Flash Gordon and Buster Crabbe.

Walt notices a shift in public opinion on the TESD members.  Walt was once the asshole but is now untouchable.  Bry’s Teflon coating is beginning to crack.

The Tenderloins write an article where Walt thinks Q came off as complaining about celebrity.

Bry’s new hate watch is TLC’s Gypsy Sisters which he claims make Snooki look like Princess Di.

Jamie Walton from the Wayne Foundation compares herself to Khaleesi freeing slaves.  Bry asks an honest question about why she would want to associate with a show which features rape so heavily and sparks a Twitter beef.

Bryan and Suzanne go to see Chris Rock perform and are given the star treatment unknowingly displacing regular joes from their table.

Ming starts a Go Fund Me to send Bryan to Asia to get his boner back as a bizarre clap-back for all the ribbing he takes from Bry and TESD.

Q goes to the Asbury Park Comic Con and recounts Ming’s White Folky Kareoke.

Q is working on writings Jokers’ Wild

Walt plans a family vacation around the Great Mall of America in Minnesota.  ”

Spectacular Ad:

1970s Dollah Shave ad

TESD army ant shirt – Walt uses the time phone from 2019 to call Bry and Quinn in 2014 warning them of Ming’s maniacal podcasting behavior and only the TESD army ants can stop him


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