#200: The Bicentennial Battle

Pod Description:

In this, the 200th episode of Tell ‘Em Steve Dave, Team What Say You Steve-Dave (Bry, Sal & Q) face off against Team I Sell Nuts (Ming, Mike & Sunday Jeff) in a competition of games & debates. When Bry goes nuclear, Walt declares his rap a ‘war crime’.


Bryan Johnson

Walt Flanagan

Brian Quinn

Ming Chen

Sunday Jeff

Sal Vulcano

Mike Zapcic

Git ‘Em Steve-Dave

Marc Costello

Mentioned Person:

Chris Laudando


It seems like we always lose these things – Ming

Name a sign that a man is pussy whipped – Walt

I hope his kidneys fail, I hope he dies – Ming

“Slanty Eyed Bitch; you know this aint me” – Sal having trouble being mean in a rap.

“You’d consider that deviant behavior? I like to hear that, I didn’t know how Hollywood you were” Walt to Sal

You guys know alot about guys dicks – Bry to I Sell Nuts

Game Played:

Fucked Up Feud, Rap Battle, Debate, High-Low, To Tell the Truth

Reoccurring Segment:

Memorable Moments:

The contest of champions, Team What Say Steve Dave with Bry, Q, and Sal take on Team I Sell Nuts with Ming, Mike, and Sunday Jeff. Bry is ready for battle just having completed testosterone treatment. Marc is official score keeper, Gitem is official judge.

Game One: High Low

Questions include what percentage of men admit having same sex experiences, percentage of men who don’t believe in PMS as real, what percentage of British men admit being victims of domestic violence, how many people annual die from autoerotic asphyxiation. what percentage of Indian men are too small for regular condoms, what percentage say Men are funnier than Women, how many white people believe in ghosts, what percentage of women would date a man without a job, what percentage of Earth is hermaphroditic.

Game Two Debate:

Round 1 Topic: George Lopez divorces a wife of 17 years after she donates a kidney to him. Q (Pro) Vs Ming (Con)

Round 2 Topic: Gwyneth Paltrow claims being an actress is much harder than being a 9-5 working Mom. Bry (Con) Vs Sunday Jeff (Pro)

Round 3 Topic: Joe Cunningham a UK model set to appear on Big Brother chose to abort her 18 week pregnancy to be on TV. Mike chose to hit the hot topic button and pass.

Round 4 Topic: The Washington Redskins come under fire to change their racist name. Mike (Pro) VS Sal (Con).

Round 5: Topic Abercrombie and Fitch destroys old clothes rather than donate them and do not sell sizes higher than a large to ensure only the most beautiful and popular kids can wear them. Sal (Con) VS Sunday Jeff (Pro).

Round 6 Topic: Vogue magazine editor claims they only use thin models because people don’t want to see Real people on their covers. Bry (Con) VS Mike (Pro)

Game 3: Family Feud

Questions include, Signs a man is pussy whipped, what topics are off limits for your girl to joke about, Reasons a man wouldn’t want to perform oral sex on a woman, annoying things about Generation Y, What topic causes a man to zone out when talking with his partner, and What would you do if you woke up in 1945 as Hitler.

Game 4: To Tell The Truth.

Which Member of What Say Steve Dave tripped Danny Devito.

Which Member of I Sell Nuts has a chocolate pudding fetish?

Game 5: Rap Battle

Ming once again goes on for pages longer than necessary. Bry is censored when a joke is deemed to offensive to be included in the Rap, this joke is later used in the Bryan Quinn Roast.

A commercial for the TESD Army Ants T-Shirt where Future Walt uses the time phone to warn of a dystopian future where Ming rules and the only way to defeat him is to buy t-shirts. Walt turns to Sal and his twitter followers to help sales.

The Bottle Dump Bronze Medal goes to Gitem Steve Dave for acting as judge

The Susscabus Silver Medal goes to Q and What Say Steve Dave

The Glory Hole Gold goes to Ming and I Sell Nuts



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