#203: The Sunday Jeff Show

Pod Description:

With two men down and spaceship TESD crashing through the atmosphere, Walt breaks the emergency glass….


Walt Flanagan

Sunday Jeff

Mentioned Person:


“I mean if you were sleeping next to me, would you wa- want all your senses firing at the top of their capabilities?” – Walt

Game Played:

Reoccurring Segment:

Memorable Moments:

Walt thinks Elvira is everything wrong with horror… good thing she doesn’t listen to TESD or it would have been awkward when she appeared on CBM three years later.

“Walt wants Sunday Jeff to give the ants his recommendations on toys to invest in (i.e. the toys/collectible items to buy now which will increase in value later).

Walt hammers Sunday Jeff for his opinion on movies/collectible items, and then responds as if it was the dumbest thing he’s ever heard.

Walt and Sunday Jeff discuss Elvira, Star Wars, and other iconic movies/characters.

Sunday Jeff does a horrible impression of Quinn.”

Declan introduces the weeks music


Music: The Red Sons – Kill to Survive

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