#204: The All-New Bank of Tears

Pod Description:

TESD honors Tara the hero cat. Ming gives Kim and Kanye a special wedding gift. The effectiveness of Aryan billboards is thrown into question.


Bryan Johnson

Walt Flanagan

Brian Quinn

Ming Chen

Mentioned Person:


Marc Costello


“I don’t- I don’t think- I don’t think the IRS will acknowledge that kind of union though.”- Walt

“Here are some rock n rollers straight from the United States” – Bry as Declan

“So animals can get married but they won’t let gay people get married?” – Q

“Inactivity is the Devil’s Den?  What’s that quote?” – Walt

“Mistah Wiskahs Save me!  There’s a fuckin Rottweiler attackin me!”  – Bry as Q

“Take off your shackles you fuckin automatons.” – Walt about people not watching Hulu

Game Played:

Reoccurring Segment:

Fuhrer Information :  The HitLearn segment is re-branded as “”Fuhrer Information”” – a billboard in Atlanta uses a quote from Hitler.


Memorable Moments:

“Walt reveals the sweet side of Sunday Jeff, who was curious to know what the ants thought of last weeks Sunday Jeff Show episode.

Ming is commandeering the poker table with his many pods.

Bry is prescribed Ambien, WITCH comes back to haunt him in #210: Sweet Dreams

Bry quits the internet because he has noticed he has been getting annoyed by things that shouldn’t concern him and getting angry more recently since the testosterone treatment.

To honor the heroism of Tara the Cat, Bry decides to re-name Suzanne as Tara.

Walt talks about the man who named his son Declan Quinn and breaks into hysterics because he can’t believe someone named their child “after the sound guy of a third rate podcast!”

Bry is put off by a local coffee shop that lets dogs run all over the place.

Ming delivers a rap for Kim & Kanye’s  rap.  Walt predicts the future by asking what Q would do if he found out Kim Kardashian was a huge IJ fan.

An Ant asks Bry to use his celebrity status in an effort to ban the R-word forever (i.e. retarded).

Declan Quinn introduces the song at the end of the episode. ”


SecondStarOperator – …And the Fallen Teach

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