#207: Daz Boyz Arez Backz inz Townz

Pod Description:

Old school porn, Walt proves Ming is not of this world, Walt interviews the youngest TESD fan ever,


Bryan Johnson

Walt Flanagan

Brian Quinn

Mark, Father of Declan Quinn and maker of buttons

Jack, the youngest Ant

Mentioned Person:


I seen other kids in the neighborhood, I’d be over their house and their mom just busts in the room like Leatherface with a wiffle ball bat” ` Walt

If you were Debbi Chen, Wouldn’t you slowly poison him – Bry

Game Played:

Reoccurring Segment:

Memorable Moments:

Walt keeps it real by not attending Cons like Bry Mike and Ming.

Walt wanted to play Thin Lizzy “Boys are back in Town” but the royalties were too much so he just named the episode.  Change the S’es to Z’es to make it different..

Walt and Q bond over their annoyance of people wearing Soccer jerseys for countries not the USA during the World Cup.

Pam threatens to stab herself as a tool to get her kids to behave.  Walt retells the story of Pam bringing Edgar home a porn from the food store and Walt being aghast.

Q finds a 90s Pirate themed porn in his house and gets nostalgic.

The boys talk to the father who named his son Declan Quinn.  They want to award him a TESD button, turns out he’s the guy who made the buttons in the first place.  The boys tell him they are running out and need a refill.

Suzanne has Dr. Whos bowtie that was left in the dressing room at a Con.

Walt interviews TESD’s youngest fan.

Bry suggests coming up with women’s shirts to cater to the 12% female listenership.  Walt shuts down the idea.



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