#210: Sweet Dreams

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Pod Description:

Walt and Bry clear the air. TESD Overkill returns with a one-off nightmarish episode.


Bryan Johnson

Walt Flanagan

Brian Quinn

Mentioned Person:



“What’s wrong with Feather Indian and Dot Indian?” – Q

“There’s two witches in the closet, they think I can’t hear them. They’re whispering about me” A sleepy Bry texting Suzanne.

Game Played:

Reoccurring Segment:

Overkill:  Dreams and Nightmares

Memorable Moments:

Bryan was promised his own office he can go to write, ends up sticking him in a dingy cavernous basement.

Bryan’s new leather bag stinks up the Stash so badly leading Walt to question Bry’s hygiene to his wife. Q calls Bry late at night and hears him slurring his speech causing Q to worry, turns out it was due to the Ambien he had just taken kicking in.

Bry and Q agree that they are more comfortable with female therapists than male therapists.

In this overkill topic Walt, Bry, and Q tell of their most frightening and also their most wonderful dreams.

Q claims that he very rarely has any dreams at all.

Once Q was having a full conversation and argument with a Native American in his sleep.

On a group vacation Bry and Q are sleeping on the floor within inches of one another when Q has a night terror screaming about spiders crawling all over him.

When Q was in high school he fell head over heels with a girl he dreamed up named Jennifer, and was depressed for days that she wasn’t real.

Q has a dream that his dead grandfather visits him to tell him he misses the good bread from the Italian bakery. Q delivers bread and wine to his grave.

Walt has reoccurring nightmares where he is forced to crawl through elbows and noses underneath a house.

Walt also dreams of watching a horrific plane crash falling out of the sky and having to navigate driving down the parkway in reverse while everyone around him is going forward.

Walt also dreams of having a conversation with a deceased person as his father in law comes to reassure Walt.

Bry constantly has night terrors. Bryan sent a series of bizarre texts to Suzanne about witches in the walls of his hotel room while he was knocked out on ambien. Sleep texting is a rising problem among teens.

Bry has another nightmare where Edgar shoots himself in the basement and he has to hide it from Pam.



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