#214: The Magnifying Glass

Pod Description:

Suffering from low blood sugar and iron, team TESD takes on witch doctors, absent fathers, present fathers and fresh fruit as they look to the sky for thunderclouds.


Bryan Johnson

Walt Flanagan

Brian Quinn

Mentioned Person:


“I can care less about a foot, unless it’s clubbed.” – Walt

“I’m unwilling to comment on any breast feeding topics” – Walt

“Is your assistant required to keep tabs on your toilet paper” – Walt

“I bet all those huts got fathers in them!  As long as they weren’t cannibalized by a neighboring village.” – Walt

“I hope he gets run over by a dragster.” – young Bry about Edgar

Game Played:

Reoccurring Segment:

Baron Von Flanagan

Memorable Moments:

Q pitches performing a live TESD during the New York Comic Con.  Walt worries about who will set it up, Q says he’ll make his managers do it.

Walt pimps J Sarges band camp album. J Sarge: If You’re Listening. Bry remembers how other musicians tried to unseat J Sarge as the official TESD music man early in the pod’s history.

Ming does the ice bucket challenge.  Q is annoyed at being picked to do the challenge and would rather just pay the money and be left alone.  The philanthropist who created the Ice Bucket Challenge dies in a diving accident.

Q is texting Gitem a lot because IJ is supposed to film at the race track.  Gitem warns Q he doesn’t want to be called Gitem in front of his coworkers at the track, they call him Gadget.

Kevin tells Andy Milanokis that if he ever Punk’d him he wouldn’t be invited over the house anymore.

Walt comes down on the new iteration of Candid Camera.

Walt wonders if tribesman in a remote village would be as mopey as Bry and Q. The medicine man can’t cure the blues.

Bry and Ming go to an expensive steakhouse for lunch on AMC’s dime to see what would happen.

Walt Bry and Q go to see Tusk together.  Q loved it so much he wrote a review.

Bry asks Walt if he’d consider doing a live show from a prison like Johnny Cash.

Bry wants to become the next Jared from Subway for Naturebox.


Mike Jantzen – Getaway Car

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