#221: Q-AGE

* Featured image by @WCChastain

Pod Description:

Q inches ever closer to achieving levitation. Bry warms up to Ebola. Walt cops to the existence of the Maggia.


Bryan Johnson

Walt Flanagan

Brian Quinn

Mentioned Person:


“My hand to god Walt, I think about you alot when I’m not with you” Bry

“Obviously the Ants are the most important people in my life, sadly” Q.

“Oh What a Goose I Am” – Walt

“I understand people seem to be more impressed with this kind of Yaffle Daffle when there is a celebrity involved.” Walt.

“Will you also go on record that you would give an Ebola patient a hand job?” Walt to Q

Game Played:

Reoccurring Segment:

I Sell Comics Moment: Marvel was so afraid of the Maffia that they named criminals in their books to Maggia. Marvel is ending Fantastic Four books because Fox owns the movie rights and Marvel doesn’t want to advertise for them.

Memorable Moments:

Q starts Transcendental Meditation and says it is helping him already, Walt is dubious because he has overheard Q lose his patience over trivial things. Bry reads up on TM and says they claim they can eventually levitate. Walt claims he must be Zen to stand at the counter with a dumb smile listening to customers all day.

Walt gets some blow back from his hard stance on Ebola the previous week.

Q goes to Reddit for the first time and is disappointed in what he sees.

There was a moment Bry considered Scientology due to how happy Jason Lee is.

Bry turns Q onto Bojack Horseman.

How do the schlubby Jews land the hottest Hasids.

Walt thinks ISIS is becoming cartoonishly evil chopping peoples heads off.

In TESD’s first MeUndies spot Walt mentions the money back guarantee and wonders if they ask for you to send the underwear back that they can later resale on the black market for soiled underpants.

Q meets J Sarge

Bry talks about getting asked to take pictures at Cons and the etiquette involved.


SoMuchForPathos – Welcome To The Real World

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