#226: Heaven Can Wait

Pod Description:

TESD contacts a cult member. Walt gives a hot-button issue a whirl.


Bryan Johnson

Walt Flanagan

Brian Quinn


Mentioned Person:


“I entered Heaven’s Gate, through the internet” Walt

“I mean who’s going to crack that code, HeavensGate.com?” Troy

“We know historically Q doesn’t give a shit about kids” Troy

“When this planet is nothing but Grimaces, then I will be ready for the next world” Q

” I think I just shit my Maxwells” Bry

Game Played:

Troy must guess who asked which question to Heaven’s Gate

Reoccurring Segment:

Memorable Moments:

Bry Walt and Q email the surviving Heaven’s Gate cult member with questions and read the answers on the pod. This member is still a true believer but was tasked with maintaining the web presence after the rest of the cult killed themselves.

Bry thinks the Heaven’s Gate logo is gay.

Heaven’s Gate got UFO insurance from a London based insurance company, this leads to Bry discussing Lloyds of London insuring Sheena Easton’s legs.

Bryan has a strange connection with a cult member who killed themselves, he kissed Nichelle Nichols on CBM whose brother was a casualty at the mass suicide.

Troy uses his keen detective skills to correctly guess what the cult members favorite movie is.

Clips of the 2014 XMas pod are played and a special secret guest is teased.

The male members of Heaven’s Gate voluntarily castrated themselves.  Walt admits he would have it done on his death bed just to cover his ass in case the cult was right.

TESD weighs in on the Bill Cosby sex scandal.


Tribute to Nordberg – No Way To Live

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