Pod Description:

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Bryan Johnson

Walt Flanagan

Brian Quinn

Sunday Jeff

Ming Chen

Git ‘Em Steve-Dave

Mike Zapcic

Sal Vulcano

Frank #3

Zen Librarian

Mentioned Person:


Thats a giant green ass plug – Q

“I’m going to go with pop a boner” -Ming

“We have been on trips together, WE HAVE SHARED A BED TOGETHER” Ming about Mike

“You should have gone obvious, he wishes your dick was bigger” Walt to Mike.

“Sooty Pete, Your Christmas Guy” Mike as Sooty Pete’s PR person.

“Feet together? Good move asshole!” – Bry

Game Played:

Game One: Fucked up Feud.

Truce One: Evesdropping on a prayer. Each player must pray to God thanking him for their team mates.

Game Two: Hetero Life Mates. In this newlywed game inspired contest one team member must guess the answers given to specific questions by their team mates.

Truce Two: A touching duet of “Little Drummer Boy” with Sal and Sunday Jeff.

Game Three: Defend or Condemn, Christmas Themed debates.

Game Four: To Tell the Truth. Each member of the team makes the same Christmas Claim and the other team must decipher who was telling the truth.

Truce Three: Rhymes of Redemption. Bry and Ming compete head to head with loving raps rather than going for the throat.

Reoccurring Segment:

Memorable Moments:

A sequel to the famous Bicentennial Battle with the losing captain being forced to get the winners podcast tattooed on their body.

As a tribute to a World War 1 cease fire between Britain and Germany Walt has peaceful moments of truce in between rounds of competition.

The panel of Judges are Gitem, Frank 3, and Zen Librarian. Q questions the impartiality of Zen Librarian.

Walt admonishes Jeff for never sitting on Santa’s lap.

Sunday Jeffs prayer about Ming is very underwhelming. Ming’s prayer about Mike is over the top dramatic. Mike puts some points on the board for tenderness by caressing Ming’s back.

During Hetero Life Mates, Ming announces he wishes Mike’s dick was bigger. Black Pete is transforming into Sooty Pete.

During “To Tell the Truth” Sunday Jeff ties up his girlfriend with newspaper twine while Ming ties his girlfriends feet together, a fact which Bryan points out is counterintuitive to the act. Bryan gets a Christmas BJ in a movie theater.

Bry does not follow protocol for Rhymes of Redemption and instead makes another rap about Mike and Ming being gay. Ming’s christmas rap instead is a sweet tale of Ming and Bry delivering gifts and banging chicks as Santa Bry and Mingle Balls.

SargeL18, Dollah Shave, MeUndies, and Gitem celebrate Christmas in the vortex.

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