#228: Heav-ant Can Wait

Pod Description:

Movie boners, White Power Rings and the afterlife.


Bryan Johnson

Walt Flanagan

Brian Quinn

Mentioned Person:


Don’t slip on the puss juice on your way out the door tonight – Q

“I can’t believe dey charged me for da soda” – Walt as Q

I was just surprised racism on Staten Island made the news -Q.

Game Played:

Reoccurring Segment:

Hitlearn Something New:  Wrapping paper contains hidden swastikas.  A child got a Nazi ring in a prize egg machine.


Memorable Moments:

Someone has written “Fuck God” in silver marker on the card table. The boys discuss religion and the Ten Commandments. Q maintains that it’s impossible to follow because the rules are constantly changing and open to interpretation. Walt’s stance on the rules are much more relaxed than most Christians.

Walt admits to stealing the Star Ledger sports section from a super market.

Q discusses wanting to bang Marilyn Monroe in heaven, Walt somehow twists this into Q admitting he wants to fuck Hitler.

Q agrees with Dick Cheney – Torture IS on the table.

The Eric Garner verdict traumatizes students at Columbia Law School where they need counselling resulting in exams being pushed back.

A Denver City council man named Jeff Garcia writes into TESD as a fan asking for endorsement in the election.

North Korea hacks Sony Pictures.

Walt gets very excited about the new Terminator and Mad Max trailers, claims the Star Wars trailer was NOT boner inducing.

Spectacular Ad:

Me-undies: Fruit of The Doom


Lindblom & Lindblom – Sturm und Drang

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