#232: Pride Before Pillows

* Featured image by @WCChastain

Pod Description:

Q ponders dancing on Ellen, TESD laments the death of Muskrat Love. Walt reminisces about the birth and death of his dream job.


Bryan Johnson

Walt Flanagan

Brian Quinn

Mentioned Person:


Game Played:

Reoccurring Segment:

Memorable Moments:


Walt gets his second job at his favorite chikdhood hobby store.  Walt thought he would be welcomed as a hero yet the owner treated him like a schmuck. the owner has a hatred of polo shirts.

Bry gets a PlayStation from AMC, Q gets a backpack from TRU.

Q talks about dancing on Ellen.

Q bemoans the tru tv IJ merch that he has no say over

brys nephew hunter is dejected when his girlfriends garandma gives her the same pair of hard to find uggs for Christmas. Bry trolls him by rewrapping the gift and re giving it over and over


Nine-Headed Cactus Demon – Bonnet Shores

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