#233: In your face, Chenard

* Featured image by @WCChastain

Pod Description:

InflateGate, Bry nearly runs afoul of bandidios, Q impugns national treasure Johnny Appleseed, would Walt pull a Tranny trick to transfer to a male prison.


Bryan Johnson

Walt Flanagan

Brian Quinn

Ming Chen

Mentioned Person:


“That’s like Clinton with a fuckin’ cigar in someone’s pussy!” – Walt

“Ignorance is not an excuse.” – Walt

“Is he the one that fucks Giselle Bundchen?  I don’t care if he gets kicked out of the league, he’s still a winner.” – Bry

“The girl I was with at the time, I told her to rub her vagina on the sheets to get pregnant with Tom Brady’s baby, she thought I was kidding.” – Q

“If I had the commitment of an Aryan nation criminal, I’d set the world on fire.” -Bry

Game Played:

Reoccurring Segment:

Puck Nuts Minute:  Deflate Gate.  An emergency edition of Puck Nuts minute is called to discuss the New England Patriots getting caught with saggy balls.  Ming thinks the deflated balls didn’t make a difference since the Patriots would have won anyway.

Memorable Moments:

The title of this episode comes from a twitter conversation with an Ant questioning if the release of the episode would be on time.


Q rents a house in Costa Rica for the week and discovers it is the same place that Tom Brady and Giselle Bundchen went on their honeymoon.  He is proud that he and Tom have had sex in the same bed and he showered where Giselle was naked.

Q claims that Costa Rica has 1% crime due to its high stance on education.  While on vacation Q is woken up by drunken howler monkeys, nature’s alarm clock.

Discussion on 2 Japanese men kidnapped by ISIS Walt asks if this or the NFL scandal should be top news.

Debi Flanagan had to talk a young Bryan out of biking through dangerous parts of Mexico.

Bry and Q are heading to Philadelphia for the Royal Rumble the upcoming weekend.  It is pondered whether you can bet on wrestling matches in Vegas or other pre-ordained outcomes.  Q suggests running a betting scam for Impractical Jokers about who gets punished each episode.  Walt thinks the real bet should be if Bry even shows up for the event.

At he Miss Universe pageant Miss Lebanon gets some fallout after appearing in a picture with Miss Israel.  She claims she was photobombed.  Bry and Walt go back and forth with Q impressions about geography questions they ask a pageant winner before fucking her.

There are roving bands of dogs in Costa Rica that Q claims don’t belong to anyone but everyone takes care of them.

After weeks of crippling depression Bry pops a nerve in his neck that makes it all go away.

Q comes down on Johnny Appleseed only to realize it was unfair.

A woman pisses her pants at a haunted house attraction and the place uses her in an ad promoting how scary it is.

Did Drunk History steal their idea from Gitem’s drunk story time?

Would Walt make the change from male to female to get out of being imprisoned in an all male penitentiary?


Headless Nixon – Never, No

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