#235: Callback Jizzfest

* Featured image by @WCChastain

Pod Description:

Suzanne receives a concussion from a kitten. Valentine’s Day chocolates take on a new meaning. Is sincerity within Ming’s grasp?


Bryan Johnson

Walt Flanagan

Brian Quinn

Mentioned Person:

Ming Chen


“Back the fuck off, don’t even say something like that, idiot.” – Bryan

“You don’t deserve a time machine.” – Walt

“I ain’t eating no guy’s butthole chocolate if that’s what you’re getting at.” – Q

“Do you think there’s any level of that kind of shenanigans in Tom Brady’s chateau?” – Walt

“You got to burn the whole complex to the ground.” – Q to Bry

“This community doesn’t deserve a Bryan Johnson.” – Walt

“It’s only after I eat a whole box of chocolate assholes that I realize the joke’s on me.” – Bry

“Religion is like the IMDB board, everyone else is wrong and you’re right.” – Bry

“Bring on da slings and arrows!  Boy Ghostbustahs 4-evah!” – Bry as Q

“I told you pigs could cry, well next week ants will cry.” – Walt

Memorable Moments:

Suzanne might have a concussion from when a couch fell on her head as she searched for a hiding Princess Mitch.  Bry remembers when his grandfather died 48 hours after falling off a ladder.

Bry’s stalker ruins someone’s clothes by pouring bleach into a washing machine when they aren’t taken out quickly enough for her.  Another shitty neighbor is always asking Suzanne for help with computer stuff and selfishly insists she assist her even though she is concussed.  A third neighbor calls the police on Bry for mail tampering after he tries to deliver medicine that was accidentally placed in his mailbox.

Walt tells Q and Bry that they can now purchase boxes of chocolates made from the mold of an artist’s butthole.

Walt realizes that Q has fled the anthill and is a whole new level of fame after pizzeria workers refuse to serve him until they are done watching Impractical Jokers on TV.

Brian Williams loses all credibility after lying about being under fire in a helicopter.

Bryan used to be obsessed with the dating show “Blind Date” and wanted to be a contestant.

Q gets some online push back for his comments on the female Ghostbusters reboot.  Friend Brian Lynch publicly supports the film getting Q involved in a Twitter back and forth.

Kevin’s dog Mulder passes away and Reddit accuses him of being an attention whore after he posts a picture of himself with Mulder on social media.  Glenn Beck’s news site calls it “embroiled in controversy”.  Bryan remembers a time walking Mulder and Scully and coming across a couple having sex in the park.

Q tries to bait Walt and Bry into railing against Ming’s Instagram and question his sincerity since every post is saying someone, something is awesome.

Walt asks the ants to tweet at Audible and Declan to tell them the mystery project is finished.

Q commends Walt for his leadership of TESD the past year and says he can see how much passion and creativity he puts into the podcast and side projects.


Jeff Trainor – Patches at the Rivuh

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