#236: Mub

* Featured image by @WCChastain

Pod Description:

Walt & Bry are embarrassed by fellow New Jerseyans. Bry debates volunteering as a parking lot attendant.


Bryan Johnson

Walt Flanagan

Brian Quinn

Mentioned Person:

Chris Laudando


Game Played:

Reoccurring Segment:

Memorable Moments:

The boys talk about interviewing Venom.

An amber alert at 4 am rouses the state of NJ and it’s citizens are outraged. Walt is aghast at the selfishness of his fellow jersians.  Bry likens the outrage to Chris ladaundo comaining about a free U2 album.

the guys discuss what happened with Mary Elizabeth, their old producer who got “too familiar”

Bry goes on a walking dead cast talks about outrage over gay kiss.

Bry abuses his power as Safety Patrol in school.


Shoot The Moon – Friends

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