#243: Brian Quinn: Time Gigolo

* Featured image by @WCChastain

Pod Description:

The Comic Book Men set the world of charity aflame. Walt is ashamed for finding a local crime mildly interesting. The boys Hitlearn something new.


Bryan Johnson

Walt Flanagan

Brian Quinn

Mentioned Person:


Frank #3


For the good of the world and millions and millions of people it all depends on if she has “ButtaFace”- Walt

Game Played:

Reoccurring Segment:

Hitlearn Something New:  Mama hitler looks like Michael cera.


Memorable Moments:

The CBM make waves at a local fundraiser.  At an adoption event advertised as featuring an appearance of TV’s Comic Book Men, Ming is proud they made a total of 120 bucks.

MeUndies trends thanks to TESD.

Walt laughed in the face of Frank 3 at the Benefit Podcast for Brendan Morocco when he claims to be valedictorian of his class.

The guys conducted a Skype interview with Toad but decided to cut it because it did not live up to the hype.

A user email accuses Q of being thin-skinned for blocking people on Twitter.

Would Q take one for the team by going back in time to seduce Mama Hitler cuckolding daddy Hitler and ensuring Adolf is never born.

Walt takes more interest in a story about a woman hiring a hit man to kill her husband because it happened at a target he shops at.

After doing a gay Naturebox ad, Bry wonders when a sponsor will call TESD on their advertising tactics.  This will happen next week with the Shari’s Berries ad.

Can you separate the art from the artist:  Woody Allen, Tom Cruise, Roman Polanski.


Cockers – Butter That Toast

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