#246: Murder, least foul, in Tell ‘Em Steve Dave Town

* Featured image by @WCChastain

Pod Description:

Crime rears its ugly head in Tell ‘em Steve Dave Town! When it turns out the victim is a narcissistic, unlikable tool, what citizen WOULDN’T fall suspect to murder, least foul?


Bryan Johnson

Walt Flanagan

Brian Quinn

Git ‘Em Steve-Dave


Sunday Jeff

Marc Costello

Ming Chen

Mike Zapcic

Chris Laudando

Mentioned Person:

Sam Q, The Zen Librarian


“I think everyone is just one hypnotism away from wanting to fuck me!”  – Q

“Just confess now, make it easy for you” – Marc

“Do you know what they do to chef’s in prison?  You better learn how to toss salad!” – Sunday Jeff

Game Played:

Murder Mystery Game

Memorable Moments:

In this murder mystery game written by Walt and Bry, Ming Chen is found dead at a TESD town meeting after the lights go out during a terrible storm.  Detective Troy along with his deputies Marc Costello and Sunday Jeff must interrogate all the other citizens that would have motive to kill Ming, so pretty much everyone.  Chris Laudando does his best Vincent Price impression to narrate the drama.

Suspect 1: Gitem Steve Dave

Motive: Gitem was annoyed that Ming thought his Japanese denim selvage jeans were better than his trunk club pants.

Suspect 2. Q

Motive: Ming still hypnotized by Marshall Manlove has been giving Q unwanted romantic attention.

Suspect 3: Mike

Motive: Ming has been favoring Sam the Zen Librarian as a podcasting partner instead of him and causes Mike to miss his kids graduation. Also the promo photo for a con is Ming centric with Bry and Mike regulated to the far background.

Suspect 4: Bry

Motive: Ming ruined Bry’s chance of being friends with Eric jensen and Ming always uses Bry as talking points on pods and twitter.

Suspect 5:  Walt

Motive:  Walt is still mad Ming hid microphones in the stash without his knowledge to spy on him.


Graveyard BBQ – Ride The Stache

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