#252: Apple of Death

Pod Description:

Team TESD goes on vacation, and barely survives.


Bryan Johnson

Walt Flanagan

Git ‘Em Steve-Dave

Sunday Jeff

Mentioned Person:


Whos refined now Mutha Fucka- Walt to SJ

Game Played:

Reoccurring Segment:

Memorable Moments:

On a cruise excursion Walt carries an old woman through a nature trail when the anti-american guide takes them into poison plant ridden rough terrain. Walt gets hit with a poison root and breaks out.

Robot naturebox and Alicia go camping in a commercial.

Q calls in very sick saying doctors think he has West Nile virus.

Bry and SJ exchange camping stories.

Brys car is totaled by a big rig.

Walt announces the one true thee champion tournament.

On top deck of his cruise Walt witnesses a rocket take off from cape canaveral and says it looks like an Orange Angel, later finds out it exploded.


Stone Em All – Laser Wolf

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