#265: The Blue Juice Comics 1 True 3 Invitational Part 2

*featured image by Eric Mason

Pod Description:

10 men enter the deception octagon. Only 1 will exit.


Bryan Johnson

Walt Flanagan

Brian Quinn

Git ‘Em Steve-Dave

Sunday Jeff

Mike Zapcic

Ming Chen

Chris Laudando

Brian Maxwell

Frank #5


Mentioned Person:


Game Played:


Game Six: Chris Laudando (Story Teller) VS Sunday Jeff (Guesser)

Story 1:  Chris once had a false positive HIV test

Story 2:  Chris once had an action hero moment on a train by kicking a maniac.  (True Story)

Story 3:  Chris once kissed Tina Fey.

Winner:  Chris Laudando.  Sunday Jeff is eliminated

Game Seven “That’s Gitemtainment”: Gitem Steve-Dave (Story Teller) VS Bryan Johnson(Guesser)

Story 1:  Gitem was a baby model for a calander but never received payment.

Story 2:  Mr. T lived with Gitem’s family while he was taping on the East Coast.  (True Story)

Story 3:  Gitem once was an acting coach for someone who had to play an autistic character on LA law.

Winner:  Bryan Johnson.  Gitem Steve-Dave is eliminated

Game Eight:  Walt Flanagan (Story Teller) VS Brian Maxwell (Guesser)

Story 1:  Walt went to a therapist for anxiety after CBM season 3

Story 2:  Walt’s voice is on the new Monster Magnet album

Story 3:  A young Walt was convinced to streak through the neighborhood by an older boy.  (True Story)

Winner:  Walt Flanagan.

Game Nine:  Ming Chen (Story Teller) VS Frank 5 (Guesser)

Story 1:  Ming stole newspapers from neighbors to get Calvin and Hobbs comics

Story 2:  Ming slapped a homeless man with a slice of pizza.  (True Story)

Story 3:  Ming drank from a bottle of his brother’s piss.

Winner:  Frank 5

Game Ten:  Mike Zapcic (Story Teller) VS Brian Quinn (Guesser)

Story 1:  Mike had sex with a female teacher in high school.

Story 2:  Mike had sex with a woman 20 years older than him by accident.

Story 3:  Mike slept with his sister-in-laws boss at his brothers wedding.

Winner:  Mike Zapcic

Game Eleven:   Bryan Johnson (Story Teller) VS Brian Maxwell (Guesser)

Story 1:   Darren and Bryan would compete to see who could issue false reports to 1800 hows my driving numbers.

Story 2:   Bry cut the head off a neighbors sticker family son on the back of her car.

Story 3:  Bry called a furrier and made a death threat.

Winner:  Brian Maxwell.  Bryan Johnson is eliminated

Game Twelve:  Walt Flanagan (Story Teller) VS Chris Laudando (Guesser)

Story 1:  Walt pretended to be legally blind to avoid driving his car up onto a lift at a mechanics.

Story 2:  In fourth grade Walt brought in “Live in Sleazy” by the Village People for show and tell.  Later he was playing football with older boys who proceeded to give him a humiliating nickname.

Story 3:  When dropping off tax papers at an accountants office Walt pretended he didn’t speak English to avoid having to answer questions, forgetting that he had met this woman before.  (True Story)

Winner:  Walt Flanagan.  Chris Laudando is eliminated.

Game Thirteen:   Brian Quinn (Story Teller) VS Ming Chen (Guesser)

Story 1:  Q once shot a 0.22 rifle at a friend intending to do harm.  (True Story)

Story 2:  Q once stole money from Kevin Smith at a con.

Story 3:  Q once buried a used condom in the yard to prevent his mom getting pregnant.

Winner:  Ming Chen.  Brian Quinn is eliminated

Game Fourteen:   Walt Flanagan (Story Teller) VS Ming Chen (Guesser)

Story 1:  When he was 4 Walt would have panic attacks and cry if he thought of a curse word in his head. (True Story)

Story 2:   After taking over at the Stash Walt was asked to go to visit a dying reservist.

Story 3:  Walt loses an art contest when he was a boy and his mom reads the judge the riot act.

Winner:  Ming Chen.  Walt is eliminated

Game Fifteen:   Frank 5 (Story Teller) VS Mike Zapcic (Guesser)

Story 1:  Frank 5 sells his wedding ring to get a quick 300 bucks.

Story 2:   Frank 5 schedules a kitchen remodel over Christmas to avoid hosting the holidays

Story 3:  Frank 5 harasses Tim Conway on twitter.

Winner:  Mike Zapcic.  Frank 5 is eliminated

Game Sixteen:   Brian Maxwell (Story Teller) VS Ming Chen (Guesser)

Story 1:  Maxwell was a getaway driver for a bank robbery.

Story 2:   Maxwell has sex with a senior citizen

Story 3:  Maxwell shits in front of 20 strangers (True Story)

Winner:  Ming Chen.  Maxwell is eliminated

Championship Round:   Mike Zapcic(Story Teller) VS Ming Chen (Guesser)

Story 1:  Mike got too drunk and missed out on cooking on Good Morning America

Story 2:   Mike gets in a fist fight with Emeril Lagasse

Story 3:   Mike cooks with Julia Child and she pinches his butt (True Story)

Winner:  Ming Chen is Champion!


Music: Appalachian Death Trap – Oxford Cloth Psycho

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