#267: The Three Horsemen

*Featured image from http://www.tellemstevedave.com

Pod Description:

Walt’s lame attempt at rocking posits him as a drunk . Bry and Walt reminisce about their former bowling league. Two Ants play “That Git ‘emtainment” to win a free cabin on the IJ cruise.


Bryan Johnson

Walt Flanagan

Brian Quinn

Git ‘Em Steve-Dave

Mentioned Person:

Ed Hapstack


Game Played:

That’s Gitemtainment: Movie Quotes

Reoccurring Segment:

Fat News

Memorable Moments:

Walt Bry and Ed used to terrorize the bowling lanes of NJ as the Four Horsemen.  Ed would bring a huge Frank Frazetta art piece to psyche out their opponents, despite being such poor bowlers they would need a 60 point handicap.

Walt takes his daughter to a concert in NY at a place that looks like a crack house but it does have couches so Walt nods off during the show being woken up by security who thinks he drunk or high.

PC nonsense as Mizou is upset a terrorist attack in France is taking attention away from their hurt feelings.

Gitem’s hilarious, accurate, and relevant impressions of current Hollywood stars.


All Of The Dirt All At Once – Tennis

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