#268: Make a Wish (again)

Pod Description:

TESD tackles a sick ant’s bullet points.


Bryan Johnson

Walt Flanagan

Brian Quinn

Ming Chen

Mentioned Person:

Curtis TESD Ant


“They better have a fuckin’ medic on stand-by” – Bry about WalMart

“I like a rainbow of asses.” – Q

“Nobody can find their way in, you’ve built too many fake walls.” – Bry about Walt

“What’s her name on that show?  Honnoh Mohntahna?  How would you expect her to come on stage with a 10 inch dildo” – Walt

“That’s like giving my aunt a gift certificate to the Stash!” -Walt

Game Played:

Reoccurring Segment:

Memorable Moments:

This episode is the first livestream since the fall of SIR, recorded live Thanksgiving Eve 2014.  Q suggested it to pimp the XMAS pod that would drop the next day on Black Friday.

Bry worries about the elderly greeter at his local WalMart this Black Friday.

Walt remembers an alligator that lived in a pen at the Rec Center in the same room the kids used to play ball.

Bry refutes that he is the problem with his recent run-ins with neighbors citing his generosity by not using his second paid parking spot very often preferring to park his car and motorcycle in the same spot.  A neighbor returns the favor by blocking him in and leaving him a note that says “Asshole”

Declan gives Walt an alarm to signal incoming hot button topics.

They guys discuss their Thanksgiving plans.  Q is set to battle his Japanese niece for the turkey ass apple.  Bry is going to Pam’s, relieved that his siblings can’t make it to reduce the chance for drama.  Ming is hosting this year.  Walt is going to a brother in laws house after being displaced by the hurricane.

Bry questions Pam’s “World’s Best Cook” mug and makes her cry.

Curtis the sick Ant sends in more bullet points for the guys to riff on.

The first bullet point is the release of the original Nintendo Entertainment System

A Young Q’s aunt gifts him a Nintendo after his parents say they can’t afford it, he repays the favor years later with tickets to the IJ cruise.  Bry had a fondness to Dr. Mario, which might explain his pill addiction.  Bry talks about the porn game Custer’s Revenge.  Q recently trash picks two NES games.

The second talking point is Batman 89.

Bry recounts how the Stash used to sell bootleg VHS cassettes of Matt Stone and Trey Parker’s “Spirit of Christmas” by overwriting existing tapes.

The third talking point is Die Hard.

Where does John McClane fall in the pantheon of action heroes?

The fourth talking point is 1980s James Bond movies.

Ranking of the Bonds, who would win in an all Bond free-for-all, odds of a Black Bond.

The final talking point is Married with Children.


Live in Shermer – Hide and Seek is More Fun With People

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