#271: Q in a Quandary

Pod Description:

TESD talks Star Wars, beauty pageants and whether or not Hilary Clinton is their Abuela.


Bryan Johnson

Walt Flanagan

Brian Quinn

Mentioned Person:


“Which of ya groads like ta suck dick da most?” – Bry as Q judging Miss Universe

“Somebody at home is no doubt putting a gun in their mouth right now.  And they’re right to do it.” – Q

“Well up until now you’ve lived in Colobia so it’s probably not the worst thing that’s happened in your life.  USA USA USA!” – Walt.

“This is why we need this contest more than ever.  It puts aside petty politics and focuses on what’s important.  How’s ya tits!” – Q

“When you put it in me that’s where the trouble starts for me.” -Q

“If you are going to rehash the previous movies why not rehash my favorite plot point, the ill-advised uncomfortable incestuous love triangle!” – Walt

“Stop spending money on wars… unless it’s Star Wars!” – Walt

Game Played:

Reoccurring Segment:

Memorable Moments:

Steve Harvey fucks up reading the winner of the Miss Universe pageant leading Walt to say they should just kill the entire pageant culture.  Iraqi fundamentalists send death threats to Miss Iraq warning her not to compete.  Bry recalls a time at the West Coast Stash where he asked a Muslim why they make their women cover up citing “It’s kinda gay”.

Trump says Hilary got schlonged when he meant shellacked.  Hilary’s campaign team tries to appeal to Latino voters by comparing her to their abuela.  It backfires.

A Chinese Star Wars poster removes the women and black actors.

Q was extremely disappointed in the new Star Wars movie:  The Force Awakens.  He writes a review on Starwars.com.  The original actors looking so old depresses the guys forcing them to take a look at their own mortality.

Walt thinks the government should have bought Star Wars instead of Disney and release movies weekly to decrease the budget deficit.

Gitem is pitching Seeing Eye Horses claiming horse shit is not as bad as dog shit.


Vicky Pezza – Christmas Rap

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