#280: Petting the Invisible Dog

Pod Description:

Conspiracy theories, log rides and glistening nude dudes.


Bryan Johnson

Walt Flanagan

Ming Chen

Sunday Jeff


“I know how they built them, but I want to know how they were built.” – Sunday Jeff

Reoccurring Segment:


Memorable Moments:

Taking a page from Bryan Johnson, Ming brings a mysterious death as an overkill topic.  Elisa Lam is a Chinese student who is found in the water tower of a sleazy hotel, where tenants complained of foul smelling/tasting water.  Strange security footage of her in an elevator is unearthed leading to many conspiracy theories of what led to her death.  Ming discusses an elevator game that can open a portal to alternate dimensions.  

Sunday Jeff brings the construction of the pyramids as an overkill topic.

Walts topic is the national sport of Turkey, oil wrestling where two slippery men put their hands down eachother’s pants.


Regression – Tides of an Inherent Demise

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