#282: The Super Q-Man Test

Pod Description:

Bry and Walt have a midlife crisis. Q weighs in on the ultimate test.


Bryan Johnson

Walt Flanagan

Brian Quinn


“Speaking of PC shit…” – Bryan

“Someone’s been reading too much IJ fan fiction” – Q

“The great Bingo scandal of the 90s right up there with Enron and shit” – Bry

“You’re a prospect in a gang, Walt’s the new guy at Walmart. These are the worst middle age crisis I’ve ever seen” – Q

Memorable Moments:

Walt is planning for life after the stash. Before having a family Walt’s retirement plan was rob a bank with Bry since he thought they wouldn’t prosecute old guys.

Bry wants more excitement in his life, discusses joining a motorcycle gang before deciding he is too old.

Walt finally admitted he rigged Bingo games for seniors to his old boss Tim.

At different points Walt and Bry both looked into getting Private Detective licenses.

The entrance physical exam to become a fire fighter, the superman test, is under discussion by a legislator for being unfairly difficult for women. As a fireman Q says it was the hardest thing he has ever had to do in his life.

Walt announces that TESD will be getting an award in excellence in podcasting at the NYC podfest.

Walt is caught off guard at Deadpool getting pegged.


Sulfer – Truth of Things

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