#283: Stoolburger in Paradise

Pod Description:

Führer information, Q wakes up nude & confused, a tot bests Bry.


Bryan Johnson

Walt Flanagan

Brian Quinn


“I don’t put myself in a position to be roofied, ever” – Walt

“Go go Power Ranger camel toe” – Q

“I wanna see some ghostly titties!” – Bryan

“Yo Yo Powah Rangah. Black Rangah? Not in Staten Island! – Bry as Q the White Ranger

“Do you think there is an alcohol that can make you haluciginate?” – Walt

“This isn’t some Baron Mushhushen is it?” – Walt

Reoccurring Segment:

You Hitlearn Something:  Hitler was into the brown. defecating on his niece.

Memorable Moments:

Real PIs write in telling Walt and Bry that its not as fun as it sounds and they should look into being Bounty Hunters instead.

Troy invites Bry, Walt, and Q to go shoot guns. Q is nervous to go anywhere people have live guns because he doesn’t want a John Lennon situation.

The guys discuss Bud Dwyer shooting himself in a public setting.

Hitler’s predilection towards scatology leads to the creation of the term “Stoolin” Walt insists Bry and Q are huge Jimmy Buffet fans due to them buying one CD one time on a road trip and ask if their opinion of him would change if he was shitting in peoples mouths.

Bryan claims that he would not back down in a roast of Mike Tyson and take it easy on him.

Walt and Bry reminisce of playing football after school with the kids at the Rec Center when they were 25 years old working there. Walt made Bry cover a six year old super star who made him look like an asshole.

Sage plays Power Rangers in the park with older boys and proceeds to knock them on their asses.

Q tells why he does not appreciate the Ghost Busters remake.

Q gets to go to the Wonder Woman set and falls in love with Gal Gadot.

Walt assumes all alcohol makes people hallucinate pink elephants.

In 2004 Q was accidentally roofied while out a bar and wakes up naked in a hospital room. Bry tells a similar story.


CMYK – Masquerade

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