#285: They’re Trying to Scare You, Crow

Pod Description:

Bry makes a powerful enemy, Walt sees something and says nothing, Q and Walt opine on Batman V Superman.


Bryan Johnson

Walt Flanagan

Brian Quinn


“Black Lives Matter, White Lives gonna Splatter” Bry as Michelle Obama

“They’re trying to Scare you, Crow” Walt misspeaks Qs name.

Games Played:

“What did I See”

Memorable Moments:

Bry tells the listeners that he is being silenced by from a higher power and plays a voicemail from “Michelle Obama”. The authenticity of the voice mail is questionable.

Walt goes on record saying no chance Trump can win the White House.

Declan wants to make shirts made up with different quotes, TESD declined oversaturating the merch market. Q says his sould died a little when IJ beer coozies were being sold at live shows.

Batman V Superman is discussed.

Q wants to cast Precious in the new Star Wars movie, Rogue One, saying that the female lead needs diversity.

Q talks about seeing London Has Fallen and is amazed at how unapologetic the movie was with depiction of Arabs as the villains.

Bry shames Walt on his decorative mailbox.

Walt plays a new game where he describes a scenario he observed when he was picking up his mother-in-law from the Count Basie and saw some strange goings on and asks Bry and Q what they think he saw. Q and Bry agree it sounds like a drug drop.

Bry discusses the dichotomy of the “See something, Say something” policy versus “racial profiling” and how people are reluctant to speak out and appear racist.  Bry himself did not “Say Something” after walking out of a theater because he thought he saw a suspicious bag.

Walt unveils the Gitem “Whoa Whoa Whoa” patch never to be sold in stores, you must go to the Stash and say the code word “whoa whoa whoa, its ok”.


Chayser – My Three Suns

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