#287: Gangsta’ Gangsta’

*Featured image from @tellemstevedave

Pod Description:

TESD loses a listener, Bry fights the power, does Tarzan hold up?


Bryan Johnson

Walt Flanagan

Brian Quinn


“I may as well have a fucking vagina” – Bryan

“I immediately tried to suck somebodies dick for protection” – Bryan

I’m talking Edward Rice Buroughs, Bitch – Walt

Memorable Moments:

Bry is arrested for unpaid parking tickets after being pulled over due to a tinted license plate. and the famous mug shot is released.  The police are fans of CBM so Bry is treated like a VIP at the police station, or it could be White Privilege.  Walt comes to bail Bry out of jail but doesn’t give him a ride home.

Q goads Bryan into begin writing Vulgar 2.

Walt starts speaking Ape after discussing Tarzan and The Jungle Book. Q contests that Tarzan could not be made as a movie this day and age as a white man could not be King of the Jungle because it would appropriation but a black man could not be Tarzan because it would be racist that he is uncivilized.

Q begins the long con of voting for Hillary, which also begins the increase of flak received on Reddit.


Half Past Two – Not Enough

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