#290: Demerit Badge

Pod Description:

Plane crashes, pigeon eating, a Stash employee is cursed.


Bryan Johnson

Walt Flanagan

Git ‘Em Steve-Dave

Mentioned Person:

Sunday Jeff


How do you have time to watch Impractical Jokers when you’re busy masturbating over plane crashes all night – Bry to Gitem

Your whole life is a recessed hole. – Walt

I was good at my things like starting fires – Gitem

Memorable Moments:

Walt thanks the Ants for being so generous with the Marc bonus pod.

Gitem has been hired as an official Secret Stash employee, immediately destroyed the credit card machine.

Sunday Jeff tells Gitem of his hatred of social media. Gitem compares Sunday Jeff to a robot as he is hard to read.

Walt does not believe the Carbonaro Effect.

Walt and Bry question why they don’t bring in the same female viewership as IJ.

Gitem shows off his knowledge of plane crashes.

Walt warns Gitem not to joke about I Sell Comics since he has to work with Mike on a daily basis.

Gitem talks about his times as a boy scout and how he had trouble getting merit badges especially the one where he has to raise a pigeon only to kill dress and eat it later.

Walt and Gitem talk about the Pinewood Derby.


The Dirty Badgers – Renegade

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