#292: Gorilla Plums

Pod Description:

A parrot turns stool pigeon, Sage’s cat bankrupts Bry. The TESD town Marshall issues a gag order.


Bryan Johnson

Walt Flanagan

Brian Quinn


“These are all songs he’s heard before, but NEVER in this order” Walt on the power of playlists.

“I gotta try that- I gotta try that um- approach cause when I stick my mif- my middle finger up, it looks like I got one of those lady’s slinder cigarettes.” ~Walt

Reoccuring Segments:

I Sell Comics Moment:  There is backlash of a X-Men movie poster showing a male Apocalypse choking a female Mystique.

Memorable Moments:

Walt discovers how to make playlists and has so much fun creating the “Stash Mix” accidentally adds “Uncle Salty” by Aerosmith 65 times.

Bry is the victim of road rage but has trouble flipping the guy off with his tinted windows. Walt says he can’t flip people off because of his slender fingers. Q says he defuses the situation by laughing it off.

Sage’s cat Princess Mitch is having trouble breathing so Bry takes her to the vet and ends up with a large estimate ~7500 dollars.

Harambe the gorilla is discussed. Bry posits he would watch video of the gorilla tearing the child apart like a plum and develop a “Gorilla Plum Fetish”. A Chinese man attempts suicide by lion. With the backlash on circuses and Sea World, Walt is worried about the future of all zoos.

A prosecutor wants to use a Parrot as a witness as they believe it is replaying the woman’s last words.

Ming screws over Bry at a Walker Stalker Con by forcing a meeting with Alicia Witt and telling her Bry was nervous to meet her. Ming is up-charging autographs to add an “authenticated” hologram.

TESD puts Chris Laudando on blast for leaking lines from his episode 300 Toast.

Walt tells how they recorded something special for Fathers day “Makin Hay” style to be discussed next week.

A bread deliveryman emails Walt to tell of a mysterious door in a Walmart. Target becomes the gay friendly box store.


Stone Em All – Kodokushi

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