#293: Who’s your Daddy?

Pod Description:

Walt, Bry, Ming & Sunday Jeff bring their kids down to the old fishing hole. Q confronts an ugly chapter in TESD history.


Bryan Johnson

Walt Flanagan

Brian Quinn

Sunday Jeff

Ming Chen


“It’s like he’s looking into another dimension with a grin like- remember I told you, you need to make that grin like- it’s hard to do. Only few people can achieve it, the grin that goes back up to the backside of their heads. He can do it at will… on a whim.” ~Walt

“Take me to the Flea Market, I’ll be married before you know it.” – Bry

“My dad has not caught anything because he is NOT the expert.” – Sunday Chloe

“To be fair, none of us wanted to come.” – Sunday Chloe

“Have you heard about the girl that went fishing with two Mexicans?  All she came back with was a red snapper.” – Bry reciting an old joke he heard.

“There’s a bond that can be built on a fishin’ line that’s more powerful than a fishin’ line”- Walt

“I’m gonna use that as my Senior quote” – Alicia.

“If someone was gonna come out here and get hooked I’m glad it was me” – Walt

“A hashtag is something for fishin’ right?  You hang it on the end of your pole to catch all the trolls!” – Walt

Memorable Moments:

A manipulative commercial makes Walt want to take his kids fishing.  Walt, Bry, Ming, and Sunday Jeff bring Alicia, Sage, Harrison and Sunday Chloe to the local fishing hole for a traditional Father’s Day activity.

Jimmy Fallon plays a version of One True Three.  Apparently there is a makeup company called One True Three.  Q claims that he and Jimmy Fallon are distantly related.  Jimmy’s mother and Q’s father were kissing cousins ala Frank #4.

Princess Mitch has had complications with her lymph nodes and the new estimate for care is 14-15k.    Sage is more upset Mitch is in the hospital than when Bry was.

Walt see’s a picture of dead eyed Ming that freaks him out.

Walt and Bry reminisce about a girl in school that got the nickname “Red Boat” from an alleged three way she had with two guys near a washed up row boat.

Q claims he get’s laid so much less now that he is famous because he doesn’t trust anyone.

J-Sarge is described as grotesquely small but glowing

Walt and Alicia do a Nature Box commercial.  Alicia has to tell Walt to keep religion out of the ad.

Sunday Jeff thinks he is the expert of the fishing expedition because he went fishing 30 years ago.

Q once worked at a mob run fish market in high school.  A guy got stabbed with a big fish hook like in “I know what you did last summer.”

What makes something a sport?  Is fishing a sport?  Walt delights in arguing with Sunday Jeff in front of his daughter.

Sage is the only one out of all the adults and kids that would touch the worms.

Walt hooks himself in the hand.

Alicia tries to trip up Walt by asking what a Hashtag is and Walt spins it around on her.


The Dust Jackets – JK Rowling

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