#294: Tuesday Q

Pod Description:

Disaster Movies, racist restaurants, Q loves the Great White Way, Drug addled fish.


Bryan Johnson

Walt Flanagan

Brian Quinn

Git ‘Em Steve-Dave


“If you find a good hole, you never reveal it.” ~Walt

“Friendlies is a horrible shithole.” – Q

“Just fuckin’ direct traffic, asshole.” – Walt

“And here comes a fish and he’s like ‘What’s that?  It’s Oxycontin mother fucker!’ I’d want to be that fish.” – Bry

“Pillow biter…” – Walt to Git’em

“When it’s all over, when your career is winding down in the entertainment industry, there will always be a spot here one day a week for you.” – Walt to Q

“What a nugget, what a pearl of wisdom.  You wasted our time Hanley!” – Bry

“We drove all the way from Jersey Mr. Hanley!” – Young Bry

“Is it because Sal looks like he has Down Syndrome?” – Q wondering why Sal was Sage’s favorite

“One of us! One of us!” – Bry

Scour the nursing homes of Hollywood, we got a new production!” – Walt

“I’ve gotten spankings worse than that.” – Bry about The Passion of the Christ

“I like ta laugh!  I like to see some feet in da air!” – Walt as Q

Memorable Moments:

Bryan overhears some verbal fisticuffs between Walt and his new recruit, Git’em.  Walt claims he now understands why the bosses at the racetrack had no patience for his shenanigans.  Git’em is getting used to navigating the social dynamics of the Stash.  He can relate to Mike over certain topics but he claims Sunday Jeff is like a statue with how stoic he is.  Git’em brings in a dirty half mannequin to display shirts.  He was planning on selling it to the Nazi guy at Collingwood.

Git’em suggests having a ‘Q’s pick of the Week’ display to latch onto his IJ popularity.  Walt is befuddled as Q has no attachment to the store so why would people care about his picks.  Walt and Git’em both rate each other a 9 out of 10.   Q quips that he would love to work in such a positive environment and Tuesday Q is born.  What would Kevin’s reaction be to Q opening up his own shop in Staten Island and poaching the Secret Stash staff?

Bry and Walt recall a time Kev sent them to see Jim Hanley and pick his brain on how to operate a successful comic book store before he opened the Stash.  Jim not only forgot that they were supposed to meet but also thought they were looking to franchise one of his stores.

The medical bills for Princess Mitch have now risen to 20,000 dollars.  She is due home in a few days.  Sage is too observant to just replace Mitch with a new healthy cat.  Q has reclaimed the favorite Joker status from Sage.

Q and Walt catch shit for saying hunting and fishing are not sports.

Prescription drugs found in fish due to wastewater from plants.

Q has been watching the Airport series of disaster movies.  This leads to a discussion about the disaster film craze in the 1970s.  Walt notoriously could not sit through tense movies and had to walk out of Grizzly.  Roller Coaster was a stepping stone to manhood as he watched the whole thing.

Bry and Walt make fun of Q for seeing so many Broadway plays.

Walt tries to go to Denny’s for Father’s Day but finds a sign that says ‘We apologize we can only serve salad and soup’.  Bry brings up the trouble they got into in the past for racist operations.

IJ is huge in India.  Would Q do a PSA urging people to use toilets?

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