#295: I’ll Fly when I’m Dead

*Featured image from Dogma by Kevin Smith

Pod Description:

Git ‘Em oversteps musically, Bry misses the point of overkill, Q powers the afterlife, Walt goes Crazationist.


Bryan Johnson

Walt Flanagan

Brian Quinn

Git ‘Em Steve-Dave


“He’s built it up like he’s fuckin’ Bill Gates illegitimate Fuck Up son” – Walt about Gitems IT work

“Your Overkills are really disturbing, they really are. It’s like- it’s like I thought- I thought- I thought for sure he’s not going to bring murder or disappearance today… wrong!” ~Walt

Reoccurring Segment:


Trial By Fire… Ants

Memorable Moments:

Gitem complains he doesn’t get a discount at Surf Taco despite working next door.

Walt asks Gitem for help building a playlist (100 versions of Uncle Salty) and is mad Gitem infected his music library with his own bullshit selection. Walt calls for a Trial By Fire… Ants and Q defends Gitem claiming his autism as a mitigating factor.

Gitem’s overkill topic is the Mandela Effect, which some people claim is proof of alternate realities rather than just the human brain mis-remembering facts.

Walt says he has proof of a member of TESD meeting a time traveler. Q in Dogma is standing next to a man giving the Ant Salute over 10 years before the pod. Q disproves it immediately to Walt’s dismay.

Bry brings more true crime to Overkill, Britain police try to track down the Batman Rapist.  A mysterious Christmastime fire takes out an entire family.

Q visits his grandparent’s grave and has some deep philosophical thoughts.

A ghostly Walt wants to fly around and take day trips away from Heaven to the Super Bowl and places he didn’t go to while he was alive.

Walt denounces the science of cartography claiming map makers couldn’t have known the countries’ true shapes.


LED Soundsystem – A Day in the Life

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