#296: The Bry who saw Tomorrow

Pod Description:

Walt takes on a brontosaurus, Bry amazes and mystifies, Q shaves his beard.


Bryan Johnson

Walt Flanagan

Brian Quinn

Git ‘Em Steve-Dave


“Chariots of the Gods Mother Fucker” Walt

“This wasn’t an American so it doesn’t matter” – Bry

“I sense a Brontasaurus hatchet job comin on” Q

“He let me slide down the pole” Bry about Q.

“I don’t know if Git’em working here is good for you Walt” – Q

“I’m going to overdose, you guys can eat shit” Bry

“Q’s still hot, Walt’s still an ignorant ass” Walt paraphrasing the internet

Memorable Moments:

Q is officially retired from the FDNY, after being allowed to work one last day. He had to shave his beard to meet with their safety code. Q was happy about the lack of people recognizing him on the streets sans beard.

Walt makes a rare con appearance and develops an anxiety pimple.

Sal will be performing stand up before the Gramercy shows.

Salem is showing agression towards Princess Mitch after she came back from surgery.

TESD releases two branded Zippos and has Gitem come in as an Zippo expert to pitch the product.

Bry is back to watching midget based reality television.

Walt receives hate mail from his views on maps and cartography from the previous week. Walt was going to bring in a theory that dinosaurs didn’t exist but is nervous to share it based on last weeks backlash.


TUPO – Attack of the Spaced Cowboy

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