#297: Pops Johnson

*Featured image by theotherbilly on DeviantArt

Pod Description:

Walt defends cuddly fish, Q gets big timed, Bry eagerly awaits the Olympics implosion.


Bryan Johnson

Walt Flanagan

Brian Quinn

Sunday Jeff


“Jeff, would you join a nude curling league?” – Bry

“You can’t even fuck a prostitue cuz she’s got the Zika virus” – Q

Memorable Moments:

Declan is giving podcasting classes.

A listener gives Q 100$ for Princess Mitch’s surgery, Q proceeds to gamble it all away and now says Bry owes HIM money for what was lost. Sunday Jeff has more cats than Q.

The merits of fish as pets is discussed.

Quinn is big timed at a broadway show of School of Rock when Chandler Riggs goes to see the same show, overshadowing Q’s fame with his own. Ming Mike and Bry host a panel with Michael Rooker, the girl who plays Enid is playing a ukele beforehand going over her time and Bry starts making jokes at her expense unknowingly right in front of her father.

The Grammercy shows are hyped.

The summer Olympics are too boring for Walt’s liking. Bry can’t wait to see the failure of the Olympics held in Brazil. The guys learn what the labels First, Second, and Third World countries mean.

Bry was called old while he was riding his motorcycle when a group of young teens called him “Pops”.

Q announces that everyone should only refer to him as “Colonel” from now on as he was made an official Kentucky Colonel.


Among Legends – Flatliner

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