#298: Angel Taxidermy

Pod Description:

Walt censors Git ‘Em, Fat News, Billy Joel vs Mick Jagger, Bry agrees to co-chaperone a rock n roll show.


Bryan Johnson

Walt Flanagan

Brian Quinn

Git ‘Em Steve-Dave

Reoccurring Segment:

Fat News:  Dani Mathers a former Playboy playmate fat shames a fellow gym goer by posting a picture of the elderly woman’s naked body saying “If I have to see this, so should you”.

A plus size super model loses weight and is body shamed by her former fans for turning her back on her size.


“Shall we bring our blazers?” – Bry when he agrees to go to a concert with Walt and his daughter.

“Say Billy Joel isn’t the fucking best singer again and you’re fucking dead!”  -Walt quoting a 80s ruffian at the rec center

“Come over here so I can fingerbang ya”  – Bry as Hugh Hefner

“You guys are modern day Marx Brothers” – Walt about IJ

“My pop culture is in black and white, bitch!” – Walt

“What do you love?  I love it too.” – Walt’s customer service style

“TESD has been like stepping in the best pile of dog shit in your life hasn’t it”  – Walt to Gitem after hearing a listener gifted him an iPhone.

“Come on let’s go cause the F in flea market stands for fight cause you gotta fight against the elements. It’s gonna be 90 degrees out there this morning. You gotta fight against all the other people out there who are gonna take the item you want for more money.” ~Walt

“That’s a good joke but I”m going to die of heat stroke” – Walt to his wife and daughter at the flea market

“You can count on Death, Taxes, and the Ants to come through” – Walt

Memorable Moments:

Walt lays down rules of conduct for Gitem working at the Stash after failing to restock the Pops.  Walt says he needs to be careful when he poking fun at I Sell Comics as he now works with Mike who doesn’t take it well.   He is explicitly told not to speak his true thoughts and opinions to the customers.

Walt reads Gitem’s mind by guessing what he is thinking about, a Chicken Finger Taco from Surf Taco.

Walt promised to take his daughter to a concert featuring Nicole Dollanganger, Teen Suicide and Elvis Depressley.  Walt is worried it might not be appropriate so Bry pomises to go with them.

Walt kicks in his daughters door to wake her up early in the morning to get to the flea market shouting “The F in Flea Market stands for Fight!”.  Both she and his wife thought he was cursing at them.

Bry and Q go to see Guns N Roses.

At the Rec Center a 1980’s ruffian fights for Billy Joel’s honor saying he is a hard rocker and dares anyone to say otherwise.

Walt wonders why they don’t make business suits with built in muscles like superhero costumes.


Pensacola Mist – Last Man Standing

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