#299: Walking over hot coals to 300

*Featured image by @tommylombardozzi

Pod Description:

TESD mulls getting into the self help business.


Bryan Johnson

Walt Flanagan

Brian Quinn


What does the Bible say about stoolin? -Q

“You looking down on Koolaid? Cause we- we- we push- we push a lot of our own Koolaid on Tell em Steve Dave.” ~Walt

Reoccurring Segment:

Started out as Overkill, but Walt rescinded it.

Memorable Moments:

Recorded the day of the yoga hosers premiere.

Q watches a documentary about Tony Robbins, calls him a cult leader. The people at his events worship him and pay 5k per ticket. Walt wants in on the self help scam.

Edgar is seen wearing s Tesd shirt and gets compliments from people who love the show, he admits to being THE Edgar.

Q yearns for the days men were men.

Bry brings an overkill topic of an xmen comic that predicted 9-11.

Miss piggy banned in Saudi Arabia.


So Much For Pathos – The Words To Say

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