#300: Git ‘Em to the Chapel

Pod Description:

Tell ‘Em Steve Dave celebrates their 300th podcast episode with the unholiest of ceremonies, the marriage of Git ‘Em Steve Dave.


Bryan Johnson

Walt Flanagan

Brian Quinn

Git ‘Em Steve-Dave


Sunday Jeff

Frank #5

Ming Chen

Mike Zapcic

Sal Vulcano

Rob Bruce


Mrs. Git ‘Em


From last pick to first lover, that’s a Cinderella story – Walt about Sunday Jeff

Game Played:

Git ‘Em Games

Memorable Moments:

Ming offers the underage Contestant 2 a shot to relax.

A long series of “Gitem looks like…” jokes.

The entire role playing in Let’s Getim On will go down in TESD history with so many callbacks.

Even after winning the game Q in a competitive ferver demands one more question and bets it all


Vicky Pezza – Gitem Superstar

4 thoughts on “#300: Git ‘Em to the Chapel

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