#301: Chocolate Clocks

Pod Description:

Git ‘Em reveals how married life is treating him, Walt is first disgusted, then impressed by Sweden.


Bryan Johnson

Walt Flanagan

Brian Quinn

Git ‘Em Steve-Dave


“Who’s to say who’s more delusional, more insane?”- Walt

“So I gotta shoot Johny Knoxville and call a baby a cunt to get any cred around here?”- Q

“This is the most retarded game of cat and mouse I’ve ever seen in my life.” – Q about Walt and Gitem.

“Why is Kev shitting in that paint can?” – Bry

“Marriage in America is getting married in a sham marriage by an Impractical Joker and then never seeing each other again.” – Bry

“There goes the most happily married man in America.” – Bry about Gitem, who has never spoken to his wife since the wedding.

“He’s given America the gift of Kentucky Fried Chicken, you haven’t given us shit!” – Walt to Q.

“Hey Colonel, go over to aisle 4, this is express, cocksucker.” – Walt

Memorable Moments:

Gitem doesn’t like to throw anything away that might be useful later on down the road.  Walt begins antagonistically throwing away items that Gitem has marked “do not throw away”.  Gitem admits he is a “level 2” hoarder.

Q asks Gitem if he is considered a celebrity draw now that he is working at the stash.  Walt says people have been glad to see him, but Gitem doesn’t like the attention.

Gitem has not spoken to his bride since episode 300.

Bry says the funniest bit of IJ he ever saw was when Joe told a woman she was a disgrace to her family in a pet store.

Q is disappointed no one is calling him colonel: Walt and Bry say that in order to get the same respect as Colonel Sanders he needs to curse at women and children and shoot a rival like Col. Sanders did.

Col. Sanders’ nephew accidentally revealed the 11 herbs and spices that make up KFC’s secret recipe.

Women’s soccer star Hope Solo calls the Swedish team cowards leading to a discussion that shows that Walt and Q don’t know the difference between Sweden, Switzerland, Denmark and the Netherlands.

The guys discuss the suicide squad movie.

Declan begs for Walt to mention his podcast production training courses through Creaky Studios.

Walt tries to get Q to go see the new Ghost Busters.  Actress Leslie Jones quits social media over the backlash.

A Touch of Modern ad devolves into a discussion about drugs and a promise that the U.K. Space Monkeys shows would be released soon.  We are still waiting.

An ad for Ring Doorbell turns into talk about actor Jeffrey Jones and his collection of tasteful nudes of underage boys.


Jay Mac Attack – A Dogs Life

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