#302: evaD evetS me’ lleT

*Featured image by @discountchuck

Pod Description:

Bry goes to a urine park, Colonel Q defends his title, Walt introduces two brand-new games.


Bryan Johnson

Walt Flanagan

Brian Quinn

Git ‘Em Steve-Dave

Sunday Jeff


“The government- now the government is involved in game shows?” ~Walt

“Lady Godiva was a freak”- Sunday Jeff

“If you were to bathe in the piss of one child you are a freak, a sex offender, your’e whacked out.  If you were to bathe in the piss of like 200 children, you’re at a water park.” – Bry

“The guy’s fuckin married, he hasn’t talked to her in three months.” – Q about Gitem and his bride.

“If I had a Troll bat I would use it on all the little jerks who go on the internet to say nasty things” – Walt

“I take the brunt of the LameO force” – Gitem

Game Played:


2 Live Crew or 1 Middle Age Jew

Memorable Moments:

Bry takes Sage to Hurricane Harbor and is surprised by the high ticket and parking costs.  Bry thinks the water park itself is disgusting and no doubt riddled with urine.

Bry reads an article where a clown has been trying to lure children into the woods behind a Greenville apartment complex.  Bry develops a better lure for kids by saying you could pretend to find a rare Pokemon on Pokemon Go.

2 of the best games in TESD history are unveiled.  Walt is sure Dyslexia will be the next big hit like One True Three and has already lined up a producer to pitch it too after trial run.

During a Loot Crate ad with his daughter Alicia, Walt claims the Ghostbusters reboot was better than the original and all the negative reviews are just Trolls.  Walt says he wants to develop software that works like autocorrect and changes nasty things people type to positive comments.

Walt is giving out “The door is locked and I am clocked… Out” patches despite no one knows what that means since it was revealed at TESD Live at The Gramercy Theater  which would not be released until late the next year.

It is revealed that Gitem and Walt speak in backwards talk at the Stash in order to badmouth certain customers without their knowledge.  This is the spark that turns into the game Dyslexia.

After the outro music Walt comes back to read an email he received complaining about Q annoyed at him insisting being called colonel.


Human Repair Shop – Rats Off To Ya

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