VinylCast II: Quinn on the spit: A birthday roast of the Staten Island Dandy

Pod Description:

Brian ‘Q’ Quinn turned 40 so Bry and Walt, along with a cavalcade of stars, celebrate his special day by verbally shitting all over him.


Bryan Johnson

Walt Flanagan

Brian Quinn

Sunday Jeff

Git ‘Em Steve-Dave

Ming Chen

Mike Zapcic

Brian Maxwell

Chris Laudando

Sal Vulcano

Iain Kevin Morris

Owen Benjamin

Doug Stanhope

Joe Gatto

Stacy Patella

Justin Roiland as Rick and Morty


“You are quite accomplished at rapping… your lips… around Mike’s cock” Bry to Ming.

“Ming loves attention…he’ll show up for the opening of anything! Almost anything, he skipped his brother’s open casket funeral to appear at whatever the fuck Con in wherever the fuck Nebraska”- Bry introducing Ming.

“Me and my kids like to play a game called ‘Where’s Mike’ we line up 10 episodes of Comic Book Men, and we run them back to back and try not to blink so we don’t miss him. And how we play is if you see Mike, guess what Mother Fucker, YOU LOSE” Ming

“Bry I’m shocked you showed up, but I’m sure you heard Walt say Roast and thought he said Pot Roast” – Ming

“Brian’s got a big heart, he actually saved one of his cats, Brooklyn, when she was trapped on a highway, took it right to the vet and paid for all of it’s medical bills. I wish I could say it was the first time Brian paid for some pussy on the highway, but then I’d be a lying piece of shit.” – Joe

“There’s so many D’s on this List it looks like my High School report card” – Gitem about the D-List celebrities in attendance.

“Speaking of Brian Maxwell, how is the Storage Depot surviving without you? I heard they set up a Larry the Cable Guy cut out and a blender full of gravel and so far no one has noticed the difference” – Gitem

“Theres one thing this podcast has that yours doesn’t… Listeners! And Mike, who can forget about Mike? Everyone!” – Sunday Jeff to Ming and Mike.

“Quinn is a huge fan of the king of rock n roll, Elvis Presley. Bought all the albums, watched all the movies, even wears the same watch as Elvis. But that just wasn’t enough for Quinn so he’s turned himself into a Hunka Hunka Bloated Shit.” – Maxwell

“I just came from a cross burning, and there’s like 4 more racist people in here.” -Brian Maxwell.

“Gitem, I’d like to thank you for putting in your ‘formal’ teeth for this evening.” -Mike Z.

“It’s true, Chris Laudando is a convicted rapist. I’m not saying he was ever arrested and charged, just that his convictions regarding rape are very strong” – Bry

“This town (RedBank) is as white as the cum dripping down Ming Chen’s ass crack after he and Mike celebrate the birth of their new podcast network” – Chris Laudando.

“Your friendship has become as bland as Mike Zapcics hot sauce” – Chris Laudando to Q.

“Bryan Johnson quitting opiates is proof he can’t follow through on anything” – Chris Laudando

“Mike and Ming, you know you guys have become quite the team, kinda like Fred Flintstone and Barney Rubble. Not cause you guys have great chemistry and comedic timing, but because you make eachother’s Bed Rock. Yabba Dabba Disgusting.” – Walt.

“Sunday Jeff is here, the Toy Man, Everyone knows there is no one more nuts for Star Wars than Sunday Jeff. Does it strike anyone as ironic that he collects Storm Troopers and Storm Troopers used to collect his relatives?” – Walt.

“What can be said about Mike that the editors of Comic Book Men have not made abundantly clear?” – Q

“But as we get older, and as you switch from Kevin’s coattails to mine, I want you to know that there is literally no one I would have done it all with. Except for maybe someone who carries his own weight.” -Q

Memorable Moments:

Track Listing:
Disc 1 / Side A

01. Opening Ceremonies

Walt wants to remain neutral like Switzerland, worried about being too harsh.

02. Jsarge’s Sympohny In Q
03. A Who’s Who
04. Owen Benjamin
05. Ming The Merciless

Bryan introduces Ming by unleashing the censored joke from the ep 200 rap battle.

06. Joe Gatto

Disc 1 / Side B
07. Get ‘Em
08. Iain “EK” Morris
09. Sunday Jeff

Sunday Jeff takes the dais and unleashes his inner Groucho Marx complete with Mustache Glasses and Cigar.

10. Doug Stanhope
11. Maxwell
12. Sal Vulcano

Sal submits a recording in character as Q’s therapist to rip on his depression, illnesses, and questionable life choices.

Disc 2 / Side A
13. Mikey Z
14. Chris “Roast Pussy” Laudando
15. Walt

Disc 2 / Side B
16. Bry
17. Justin Roiland

Justin Roiland sends in a recording of Rick and Morty talking about what a “fat, old, piece of shit” Q is.

18. Q
19. Faccia Bella

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