#310: Woke FlanaSkinOnSkin

Pod Description:

Paradoxical undressing, Walt lures elderly people to his car, a famous guest craps all over TESD studios.


Bryan Johnson

Walt Flanagan

Brian Quinn

Vicky Pezza

Joe Gatto

Memorable Moments:

Joe calls hoodlum teens in a mall Fuck Faces but does not get the response he was expecting.

Walt comes to the rescue of two lost seniors who can’t find their car in a mall parking garage.

Walt likes to keep the store a balmy 76 degrees because the cold puts him to sleep.  Bry brings up paradoxical undressing Joe and Walt tell Q Luke and Han got naked in he tauntaun.

A curmudgeonly Quinn takes down his Halloween decorations and stops giving out candy when a kid asks for a photo… kids retaliate by stealing his sod.

Vicky Pezza is live in studio


Sunday Greg – Glass Table

4 thoughts on “#310: Woke FlanaSkinOnSkin

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