Pod Description:

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Bryan Johnson

Walt Flanagan

Brian Quinn

Sunday Jeff

Git ‘Em Steve-Dave

Ming Chen


Dave Wyndorf

Joe Gatto


Full Disclosure I did invite Stacy Patella but she was too busy sucking Chris Laudando’s dick – Q

“Now does that include Tranta, the tranny Santa?” – Bry

Games Played:

Game 1 Feliz Navidead: Walt mentions an actor that has portrayed Santa in TV or Film and the player must guess if the actor is alive or dead.

Game 2 Cold Call Kris Kringle Cussout: The player must call a mall as a concerned father trying to get the person on the other end to say Key Words. The Key Words are: fart, toilet, hairy, Hitler, moist, blister.

Game 3: High Low Ho Ho Ho. Walt asks a numerical Christmas Question for Bry and Q to guess and Dave Wyndorf or Joe Gatto must guess if the actual number is higher or lower.

Game 4 Dyslexia: Player must guess a christmas related phrase from backward opposite clues given by Gitem.

Game 5: Oh Cum Ye Old Faithful: Out of two Christmas themed porn titles the players must guess which is a real XXXmas video and which Walt made up.

Game 6: What Sould Santa Jeff Do? This is the holiday version of “What Would Sunday Jeff Do” where Jeff answers all questions as if he was Santa Claus.

Game 7: Family Feud

Game 8 Hung with Care. Walt names two celebrities and the player must guess which one is rumored to be well endowed.

Memorable Moments:

A Christmas party at “Walt’s House”. In this year’s special the guys will be competing in contests in order to earn money that will be given to an ant in need “Joe Cratchet”.

Sunday Jeff and Gitem talk about how it is working together on Sundays.

The large Cyst on Gitem’s hand is first revealed, Gitem initially blames it on Walt making him post too many eBay auctions, he will later claim it is a side effect of another activity.

Troys favorite Christmas memory was receiving Mike Tyson’s Punch Out for Nintendo.

Ming’s turn in Kris Kringle Cold Call Cuss Out ends with Walt portraying his young son demanding to hear the word “Moist”.

TESD drops in prerecorded Christmas segments with Dave Wyndorf and Joe Gatto seamlessly by asking all the other guests to go out to pick up more Mistletoe.

Dave Wyndorfs favorite Christmas gift was a toy machine gun on a tripod. Wyndorf claims more RedBank roots than Rob Bruce. Walt has a wild animal caught in his wood burning stove on St Patricks Day and he calls his wife to take care of it, however she and the girls thinks he is just bullshitting them since he was talking about leprechauns earlier. Wyndorf goes to midnight mass on LSD to listen to the music and smell the incense. As a fourth grader Walt is placed in Cathecism class with kindergartners.

Joe Gatto shows up either drunk or in hysterics from hypothermia.

Gitem was tasked to write a report on all the TESD guys as “Gitem On the Shelf” to send back to Santa. The final product was not up to Walt’s standards.

Gitem diagnoses Walt as Autistic.


Git’em Steve-Dave sings Grandma Got Ran Over By a Reindeer and Feliz Navidad.

‘Christmas Time in TESD Town’ by LED Soundsystem

‘Waitress-Reddit’ by Vicky Pezza

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