#313: 4th and Down

*Featured image by @kennyrubenis

Pod Description:

A supernatural force stirs Q. Walt stumbles in his first step in joining the Illuminati. Brytanic brings a conspiracy theory to the poker table.


Bryan Johnson

Walt Flanagan

Brian Quinn

Mentioned Person:

The Prussian Kissing Devil

Memorable Moments:

The Guys tell about their respective thanksgivings.

Bry is annoyed at his sisters scavenger boyfriend digging broken vacuums out of the dumpster. Bry is bored so spreads a rumor that Suzanne is bad mouthing a cousins dessert.

On the way to hisparents remote home in PA Q is mysteriously drawn to a curiousity shop. He drives by and begins to feel uneasy. He turns around and goes in. He finds a strange copper plated skull on display surrounded by 5$ bills. The old man tells Q the tale of the Prussian kissing devil. Q gives it 5 dollars and the personal issues he’s been having became clear, he decided he wants to buy the skull. He goes back to the store and discovers the old man has died the previous night. Q purchases th skull for 650.

Walt gets an encrypted letter at the stash and after he and Gitem decode says is from the illuminati and giving geo coordinates to the Georgia guidestones.

Brys overkill topic is about the titanic sinking being an insurance scam.

Billy eichner on tru tv does a skit with Seth rogan identical to walts funeralz idea.

Walt announces Impressing the Professor


Thy Crest Be Shorn – Winds Of Destruction

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