#314: Impressing the Prof

*Featured Image by @sketchAJ

Pod Description:

The Prussian Kissing Skull dishes out cheers & jeers. The guys present their senior thesis to Professor 5.


Bryan Johnson

Walt Flanagan

Brian Quinn

Git ‘Em Steve-Dave

Frank #5

Mentioned Person:

The Prussian Kissing Devil

Game Played:

Impressing the Prof.

Memorable Moments:

Walt brings  an all new alternative hitory game show to the table.

Frank 5 tells tales of avoiding family at thanksgiving and Christmas.

A listener sends in the lore of the Prussian Kissing Devil Skull and Q bestows the skull to Walt to place in the stash.

Gitem’s Scenario: the cotton gin is introduced in the renaissance. Gitem had not done his homework and walt gets more and more livid at him.

Bry’s scenario: the atom bomb is introduced in the civil war.

Q’s Scenario: Elvis introduces rap music to the public rather than rock n roll which spurns many imitators including Jerry Lee Lewis which starts a Memphis style east coast west coast rap war where Elvis dies like TuPac in a drive by.


We Scare Nightmares – I, Narcoleptic

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