#319: Nostradummies

*Featured image by @bsjett

Pod Description:

Past quatrains are reviewed. Bry goes full Rupert Pupkin.


Bryan Johnson

Walt Flanagan

Brian Quinn

Reoccurring Segment:


Hitlearn A Taiwanese high school dresses up as Nazis for a Christmas parade.

Memorable Moments:

Pam busts in on Bry while he’s doing a commercial.

Walt reviews how Bry and Qs quatrains came true.

Walt gets a second letter from the illuminati. Bry admits being so high on opiates while writing cryptozoic man he doesn’t remember all the hidden references.

Walt talks bout the key holders of the internet.

Q angers the skull by neglecting to pass along a tribute.

Bry has had rough time since the skull has been around so Walt says he wants a catholic priest or exorcist to come in and investigate the skull


VaultsOfExtoth & JSarge – Lure of The Kissing Skull

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