#320: Hey, hey we’re the Jokers!

Pod Description:

Walt & Bry issue a sexy 100 day challenge, Mid-life dream cars vs mid-life reality hoopties, Sunday Jeff loses his passion for collecting.


Bryan Johnson

Walt Flanagan

Sunday Jeff

Memorable Moments:

Bry Walt and SJ talk the Monkees.

Bry saves sages life by giving the Heimlich when she was choking on hot dogs.

Sunday Jeff is skilled in knifeplay.

Ming puts Bry on blast on twitter for bailing on a con.

Walt balks at the idea of a mattress as a new invention.

Walt requests help 3D scanning and printing a secret object for later sale (skull).

An angry Bry takes a bat to his car.

Toy hunting is a young mans game, SJ loses the fervor .

Edgar’s dad leaves him outside a bar in his stroller as he goes drinking.


Greg Rekus – Never Satisfied

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