#324: The Verdict

Pod Description:

The stunning follow up to Brian Quinn’s trial by fire…ants. Should he stay or should he go now?


Bryan Johnson

Walt Flanagan

Brian Quinn

Mentioned Person:

Big Darryl

Reoccurring Segment:

Hell on Earth: World’s Greatest Shitholes:  A monkey hooker is rescued

Memorable Moments:

Bryan expresses his rage at dropping a bottle of wine by smashing his car.

Bry buys a wrangler and is confused by the wrangler wave.

Walt and Alicia go on a weird NJ tour of the midget house and the town time forgot, Walt is less than impressed.

The 2017 Super Bowl is discussed. Is tom Brady the GOAT.

Immigration laws and trumps wall. Walt thinks building a replica of the Great Wall of china could also help bring tourists dollars.

Q wants to nominate an ant of the week.

Walt pimps the cochlear album and reaches out to Big Darryl.

One of Darryls questions about animal sex is related to a Hell on earth segment where an orangutan prostitute is kept in a village brothel.

In the last 10 seconds they reveal he verdict of the trial. Q is quinnocent


Jamie Coon – Forgive Me

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