#325: Ignorance is Holy

*Featured image by @bsjett

Pod Description:

Bry, Walt & Q talk to a guy with more experience in exorcism than anyone else they know.


Bryan Johnson

Walt Flanagan

Brian Quinn

Git ‘Em Steve-Dave

Father Lance

Reoccurring Segment:


Memorable Moments:

Father Lance teaches the boys about excorcism and advises how to contain the Prussian Devil Skull.   Father Lance stresses the importance of determining the difference between real possession and metal illness.

Walt and Father Lance finish each others sentences.

Gitem jumps to attention to help fix Bry’s watch or shine a flashlight for Q while he’s perusing new books, but can’t be bothered to do his actual work.

Q writes a cynical article about love and Star Wars that is featured on Starwars.com.

As a ten year old Bry would steal money Edgar had collected for the church to go play arcade games and would share the money with Walt, Bry asks Lance is Walt is going to hell for it, Walt claims ignorance is Holy.

Father Lance analyzes the skull and claims that it appears to be a Tibetan Kapala skull and the face itself resembles the face of a demon in an old painting by Goya.

Father Lance gives Walt some blessed salt to encircle the skull and keep the demon at bay as well as some St Benedict Medallions.  Bry warns Gitem not to put the holy salt on his fries.


Dug Free Man – Break It

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