#328: Take a blow

Pod Description:

Bry and Walt are joined by the smartest man in the room. Bry is not invited to a kid’s birthday party.


Bryan Johnson

Walt Flanagan

Git ‘Em Steve-Dave


“Yeah I don’t think they’re saggin. I think they’re big but not so big they become cumbersome” – Walt

“I can’t poop! My stomach hurts!” – Bryan

“I peacock around the house like ‘I’m smarter than Smith'” – Bryan

Memorable Moments:

Walt wants Gitem to rank how important it is to Gitem for others to know how vast his knowledge is.

Gitem annoys the CBM crew by popping sodas during shootings.

Walt comments on how he furiously tries to please everyone but has recently received hate mail.

Bry is blacklisted from lily chens 12th birthday party.

Gitem has a rivalry with Rob Bruce.

Gitem boasts he would stand up to a plane hijacker.


Concentric Circus – Pareidolia

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